Traffic Management Systems

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Traffic Management Systems (TMS) give lasting control over the system, consequently sets courses for trains and logs train developments just as distinguishes and settles likely clashes.


Serious Operating Costs

NetTrac arrangements empower utilization of the successful usefulness in nearby or local frameworks up to across the country inclusion. The TMS takes into consideration long haul and momentary arranging, incorporates all demeanor functionalities. It very well may be worked in existing systems, either as an overlay or with the full coordination of the course control frameworks so as to mechanize the train directing. Incredible assessment instruments help to break down the presentation of the system activity so as to help upgrading and cost decrease exercises.

Improving client administrations

Through reconciliation of present day interlocking innovation with cutting edge Traffic Management Systems, you will have the option to expand the throughput on your system because of clever clash location and arrangement usefulness, supporting the administrators to take powerful and result-situated choices. What’s more, the Traffic Management System will empower you to propose openings for transportation without prior warning, at the requests of the railroad administrators, shipping travelers or products. You will build the fulfillment of your clients by lessening bothers and expanding plan adherence. These enhancements you will accomplish in corresponding to a lessening in activity cost for the control staff which can be unified and routine errands being robotized.


Measured Central Control for Urban Rail Transit (NetTrac MT)

Thales’ NetTrac MT framework is the most exceptional, open engineering arrangement accessible for focal control of urban rail frameworks applying either traditional fixed square flagging or Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) innovation.

The framework can be designed to help independent Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) or exceptionally incorporated Control Center applications.

Key Benefits

Meets a wide assortment of travel framework types and sizes

Adaptable train activity the board

Decreased administrator outstanding task at hand

Better programmed control and guideline utilizing extremely complex calculations

Simple to utilize

High accessibility

Loser cycle cost

Business equipment

Simple setup

Handily broadened/overhauled

Train the executives arrangements

Propelled Railway Management and Information System

The Traffic Management System NetTrac 6613 is the most exceptional and demonstrated framework for wise Operation Control Centers. It controls and robotizes the railroad traffic activity. ARAMIS naturally sets courses, oversees the foundation, pictures the status of the railroad arrange progressively, plays out a correlation with the arranged targets, shows KPIs, enhances assets and figures conjectures dependent on the real information. read more here

The need to build the system limit and the quality way to accomplish demeanor choices that coordinate the necessities of quick response time, timeliness, equipped data, easy to understand interfaces and proficient utilization of assets.

ARAMIS’ incorporated, measured, unreservedly versatile engineering encourages to keep up, expand and run the framework very cost-effective over the LCC.

Key Benefits

Increment traveler and cargo limit

Increment timeliness and nature of administration

Decrease of operational costs

Completely incorporated, amazing customer server arrangement

Comprehensive highlights for the executives of traffic

Blend of heritage and new foundation is upheld

Executed highlights are demonstrated in genuine activity

Best in class innovation

Consistent interworking with interlocking, ETCS and fringe frameworks

Adaptable and exceptionally robotized activity

Incorporated framework demonstrated for entire system with in excess of 40,000 trains for every day

Effective anticipating, reenactment, strife discovery and goal

Improved asset use, giving naturally important vehicle mode

Adaptable, effective administration of deviations, annoyances and episodes

Choice Support System and KPIs for improving your system

Information made sure about with Client-explicit information access for various train administrators

NetTrac 6612 OMC

The Operation Management Center (OMC), created adhering to CENELEC principles, gives safe brought together remote control and activity of interlockings as a reason for integrative activity the board. NetTrac 6612 OMC depends on a secluded framework design with a severe partition of crucial and non-indispensable capacities. This methodology makes it simpler to approve the framework over the span of getting administrative endorsement and furthermore implies the framework can be productively updated and expanded.

The NetTrac 6612 OMC gives most noteworthy accessibility and requires insignificant upkeep. On the off chance that updates become vital (for example trade of redundancies), the OMC offers intuitive help so on location staff can effectively finish the work. Besides all demonstrative information is consistently assessed and the framework’s “wellbeing status” is shown continuously and in intermittent announcing.

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