‘Only Those Who Don’t Benefit from IPL Criticise it, it all Boils Down to Jealousy’: Sunil Gavaskar

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Sunil Gavaskar is the man who was a great batsman on his cricket career and now after retirement, he became a commentator. As he is serving the Indian Cricket Board very well, we can say that he gave his blood and sweat to the Indian Cricket Board. Sunil also said that IPL is starting from 19 September 2020 so watch IPL 2020 live streaming on different sources to enjoy every ball of match.

Sunil Gavaskar the former batsman and now a commentator came out of the frame because of criticism, on this, he said to media that only those people, who are not the part of Indian Premier League IPL, criticize this great Indian Premier League because of its money matters, the main reason behind this is the jealousy. The community which is connected to Indian Premier League will never do such criticism to Indian Premier League IPL.

On the set of Inspiration in India, Sunil Gavaskar told that those who get benefits from Indian Premier League will never do such things but who don’t get any benefits from the tournaments of Indian Premier League or not connected to IPL family. They start to criticize it for no reason. They don’t realize about the other ones present in IPL like the man who sold out his shirts which are printed by any special prints showing the confidence for their team, it also requires hard work, the man who sold his eatable things in different stalls present in the stadium also works hard for the betterment of Indian Premier League. But those jealous people don’t have any emotions for these; they just criticize the entire team of IPL including all connected to IPL.

Further, he added that IPL is soft target who wants to get fame or someone who wants to be popular with is nonsense talks he started to talk about IPL with jealousy on the internet and to become popular these IPL mis the best way for him to get fame as it is an easy target.

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