Healthy days in a man’s life

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Please as you think of these questions answer them for yourselves individually. This is what goals are for because they are timed constrained and measurable but I wouldn’t get into goals right now. That’s a topic for another day and time.

The key is that today you need to remember why you are alive and why you have another day in time to be on this earth. In my honors society one of our guest speakers once said, ‘There two most important days in a man’s life, the day he is born and pandemic? the day he finds out why?’ Now I have sought my own answers as to the purpose of my life and I invite you to do the same. Until you know why you are alive, your time appreciation will never reach its maximum value. If you had all the time and money in this world, what would you do? What is your biggest challenge to overcoming that objective now without all the time and money in the world?

Will Smith once said, “I want the world to be a better place because I was here.” Do you want the same thing for yourself or your family? You spend long hours working at your job but can your company say that ‘You made the work place/company better because you were there?’

That idea was not well received because it was very foreign. Many types of council convened in order to find out if this was really the best solution to England’s dwindling economy. Isaac Newton (and this always hits me when I think of it) said, to culminate all thoughts and questioning, that “Mere opinion is what will give MONEY its value.” Think of it, mere opinion is what gives money its value. And that’s the opinion that England instilled in its citizens and came out on top over every nation during that time. Isaac Newton did a lot more than invent Calculus, and Laws of Motion.

Now think to yourself, what value have you put on money? Have you given money more value in your life than it should have? Is your quest for more money overruling the things that should really matter ex family, children, or even your happiness? Money is not, and cannot be your key to long term happiness, joy, or fulfillment.

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